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Interviews that ask the same basic questions aren’t fun to read, and they are even less fun to edit. That’s why I live for delivering great interviews for the musicians, artists, fashion designers, and other creatives that do more than ask them the same thing they’ve answered about a million times before. Don’t believe me? Here’s a little proof of that:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come up with such great interview questions.” Chanda King | Publicist | Three Hearts Music PR

“Great questions Kendra.” Lulu Rae | Brain Drain PR

“Great questions.” Paul Roth | Musician

“Thanks for the great questions.” Pam Tillis | Musician

“Thanks for asking such great questions and giving such a thoughtful interview!” Janelle Rogers | Publicist | Green Light Go Publicity

“Thank you so much for these great questions!” Claire Hawkins | Musicians

“Thank you for the interview, I really enjoyed it, you asked some great questions!” Carsen Gray | Musician

“These are great questions.” Ed Mironiuk | Artist

“Thanks so much for getting in touch, it made me think about things replying to your great questions, I enjoyed it.” Liz | T-Shirt Designer | Mama Feels Good

“These are GREAT questions. I wanted to take several days to answer them because these questions deserved thoughtful answers.” Brett Bennett | Artist | Brett’s Art World

“Thank you for these GREAT questions!!! Such a pleasure to answer each and every one.”  Shira | Musician

“These are such great questions! I am so excited to thoughtfully answer them. Thank you for thinking of me for this.” Brooke Segarra | Writer

I started writing reviews for ArtistPR in 2012. Since then I’ve written reviews, musician biographies, press releases, and even some courses for their site geared towards those in the music industry.

“Kendra has been a hard-working and reliable asset to ArtistPR for nearly a decade. Her writing skills are excellent and her ability to follow directions and get the job done in a timely manner is exemplary. From writing press releases, to music reviews, to course content, Kendra demonstrated that she was ready and willing to complete any task – no matter how big or small. Kendra would make an invaluable asset to any organization.”
– Patrick Dolan | AristPR

“ArtistPR gained my loyalty through outstanding journalism, and I am especially pleased with my artist biography and recent press release:  I have been truly inspired by the work that ArtistPR has done for me.  I am most grateful for the encouraging words that ArtistPR has placed upon these stepping stones of my career.  I am also very thankful for all of the great tech support and help that I have received from the ArtistPR support staff in my continuing quest to be my best…I’m happy to have ArtistPR by my side!”
– Aaron Cooper | Count Dawko


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