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The sites I started. The only children I’ve ever known.

Golden Mixtape


Started in March of 2011, it’s 99.9% music and a bit of a way to rant about life via music. I’ve interviewed everyone from All Time Low to Soupy of The Wonder Years, have reviewed more albums than I’ve ever even owned and have made my fair share of music related lists. What I’m most proud of is the “Women in Music” series I started this year that gave me the chance to interview women in a multitudes of the music industry from artists to women who work in PR and more.

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Exploring Adulthood


When everyone started posting about “adulting” I began to wonder what it really meant to be a grown up. With that, I planned out a whole year of topics, people to interview, pop culture references and then some and embarked on a journey.

TRL Retirement Home

A work in progress at the moment. But once it’s done it’ll be like having one foot in 1999 and the other in 2019.